About Apprenticeships


An apprenticeship is an in-work training programme that allows you to work with professionals in a specific industry, earn a good weekly wage and gain accredited qualifications in that field.


It gives you a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, qualifications and experience to help you kick start your career in your chosen occupation.


Apprenticeships are a great option for people who like a more practical approach to learning and are suitable if you are looking for your first job or are already in employment.

What is an apprenticeship?

What levels of apprenticeships are available through Sigta?

Intermediate Apprenticeship (Technical/Engineering)

Level 2

Duration 24 months


Intermediate Apprenticeship (Warehousing)

Level 2

Duration 12 to 24 months


Advanced Apprenticeship (Technical/Engineering)

Level 3

Duration 42 to 48 months


Advanced Apprenticeship (Business Administrator)

Level 3

Duration 18 months

What qualifications will I get?

A competency based qualification (achieved in the workplace) which you will need to qualify for your final apprenticeship certificate. This qualification shows that you are competent in performing the standard that this nationally recognised qualification requires.


A technical qualification to show that you have the necessary technical skills, knowledge and understanding of theoretical concepts as well as understanding of the relevant industry and it’s market.


 Functional Skills helping you achieve a good standard of literacy and numeracy.

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