Careers Events

We are happy to attend events promoting appreticeships and will

bring along an example of cutting edge science and technology.


Currently we have a sample of Vanta Black - the darkest material

ever created and it was developed in Sussex!



2019 Events


10.01.19 Crawley Town Hall (Open to the general public) 16.00-19.00


24.01.19 BHASVIC, Brighton


06.02.19 Ratton School, Eastbourne


05.03.19 ESCC Apprenticeships Roadshow, Eastbourne Town Hall


06.03.19 Davison CE High School for Girls, Worthing


07.03.19 Durrington High School, Worthing


12.03.19 Uckfield Community College


15.03.19 Hailsham Community College Academy Trust


28.04.19 Big Futures Show, Eastbourne


15.05.19 Durrington High School, Worthing (to be confirmed)


05.06.19 Ratton School, Eastbourne


19.06.19 Sir Robert Woodward Academy, Lancing


21.06.19 Bexhill College


26 & 27.06.19 Big Bang Fair, South of England Showground, Ardingly


2018 Events


16.01.18 (Tues)Civic Hall Crawley


17.01.18 (Wed)Collyers Horsham


25.01.18 (Thur)Bhasvic Hove Futures Fair


01.02.18 (Thur)St Richards School Bexhill


07.02.18 (Wed) Ratton School Eastbourne


07.02.18 (Wed)Collyers Horsham


08.02.18 (Thurs)Sussex Downs College Eastbourne


20.02.18 (Tues)UTC Newhaven


06.03.18 (Tues)Bhasvic Hove


07.03.18 (Wed)Portslade Aldridge Comm. College


10.03.18 (Sat)Horsham Drill Hall


27.03.18 (Tues)Big Bang Eastbourne


28.03.18 (Wed)Davison School Worthing


24.04.18 (Tues)Big Futures Show Eastbourne


28.04.18 (Sat)Lewes Community Day


22.06.18 (Fri)Bexhill College


27.06.18 (Wed)Big Bang SE Showground


28.06.18 (Thurs)Big Bang SE Showground


04.07.18 (Wed)Worthing College


10.07.18 (Tues)The View Eastbourne


11.07.18 (Wed)Big Bang Brighton


12.09.18 (Wed)Oathall CC


19.09.18 (Wed)Horsham Drill Hall


19.09.18 (Wed)Gildredge House School, Eastbourne


20.09.18 (Thurs)Burgess Hill Academy


21.09.18 (Fri)Peacehaven Careers Fair


24.09.18  (Mon)Durrington HS, Worthing


26.09.18 (Wed)Seaford Head


26.09.18 (Wed)St Catherine's Eastbourne


28.09.18 (Fri)Hastings Jobs Fair


03.10.18 (Wed)Eastbourne Academy


08.10.18 (Mon)St. Andrews (Boys) Worthing


10.10.18 (Wed)Peacehaven Comm Sch.


12.10.18 (Fri)Bexhill Academy


12.10.18 (Fri)Ratton, Eastbourne (we may not be able to attend all events due to the date clash)


16.10.18(Tues)Tanbridge House School, Horsham


17.10.18(Wed)UTC Newhaven


18.10.18 (Thur)The Forest Sch, Horsham


06.11.18 (Tues)Eastbourne Academy








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Five reasons to visit a jobs fair


1. Speak directly to training providers and employers - meeting face to face builds trust and respect faster.


2. There will be vacancies available right now if you are free to apply.


3. Get tips and advice on how to improve your CV.


4. Discover new opportunities - there could be jobs that you have never considered.


5. Practice communication skills - by speaking to multiple exhibitors you will enhance your interview technique and build your confidence.