What happens?


All of our apprenticeships are listed on the National Apprenticeships Website. Have a look at the vacancies listed and click on the link to apply for any of interest. Our apprenticeships vacancies page is here. You can register a general interest in apprenticeships using the 'apply online here' button on the right.


We provide Sigta member companies in your area with your details to help fill

their vacancies for apprentices and advanced apprentices.


Once you are employed, we develop an individual training programme -

just for you and support you in achieving nationally recognised qualifications.


You will be learning all the time - both in the workplace and at college

(usually attending college one day a week).


Our training officer will visit regularly to help you towards

your qualifications.


Go to our facebook page to view our current vacancies - you could always 'like' our page while you are there!



What qualifications do I need to apply?


For a level 3 apprenticeship, you will have good GCSE achievements - typically grade 4 or 5 (grade C) and above in: English, maths, science, ICT and one other.


For a level 2 apprenticeship, usually we look for GCSE grade 3 (Grade D) in maths and English.


To be a Sigta apprentice, we are looking for enthusiastic and committed people.

There will be projects to complete, log book entries to be made relating to tasks

you have carried out and some homework exercises.



What makes up an apprenticeship?


The Institute for Apprenticeships is working with employers to create and develop new apprenticeship standards. The awarding body will replace all the old apprenticeship frameworks by 2020. As Standards become available, Sigta will implement where they are the preferred option. Until then, we will continuwe with Apprenticeship frameworks incorporating National Vocational Qualifications.


A National Vocational Qualification Diploma (NVQ/QCF) which is a practical workplace based qualification, designed to demonstrate your competence.


A technical knowledge qualification (usually completed at college) which is the qualification required to demonstrate achievement of the technical skills, knowledge

and understanding required for your chosen career.


Key/functional skills - practical skills in English, maths and information and communications technology (ICT).



How do I apply?


Click here to apply or to contact us regarding available apprenticeships in your area.

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