When Sigta member companies in your area want to recruit an apprentice, they come to us.


We supply them with your details to help fill their vacancies for apprentices and advanced apprentices.


Let us tell you about the kind of apprenticeships that we offer...

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mech eng

You could be involved in developing the next generation of smart phones that are unlocked by your fingerprint or eye scan, CCTV systems, computers, watches that monitor health, intelligent systems for the latest vehicles - anything that utilizes transistors or sillicone chips.

We have companies who work on space research, making component parts for satellites, Formula 1 cars, historic vehicles, advanced medical equipment - even the particle accelerator at Cern in Switzerland. Our apprentices can be involved in design, programming and operating computer controlled machines tools, assembly, test - engineers are in high demand and engineering plays a part in almost everything we use, from the trains we travel in to the shoes on our feet!

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From smart buildings controlled by computers to hospitals, to airports, Sigta Apprentices are trained to install, service, repair and maintain facilities in these buildings. You could be working with electrical systems, pneumatics, pumps, motors, hydraulics right through to fixing the plumbing!

bldg 2 weld fab weld 1 welding robot2 Weld

Hugely important in general engineering and construction, welding & fabrication apprentices can be making anything from a spiral staircase to a chassis for an experimental motor vehicle. You could be using computer controlled robots or manually welding components to go out to an oil rig.

electrical engineering

The big brother to electronics, electrical engineering apprentices can work on anything from systems that power hospitals to systems that power computers. You could be designing circuitry for the latest trains to manufacturing the drive systems for baggage conveyors at an airport.

PAT electric sheet metal

Closely aligned to welding and fabrication (and incorporating some of the same techniques), a qualified sheet metal worker is a highly regarded engineer. You could be involved in anything from prototype vehicle body work to the metal work in a chip fryer used in your local chip shop. It could be the high quality materials used to cover smart new buildings to the ducting systems supporting the air conditioning.

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Plant Maintenance involves fixing any sort of mechanical, plumbing or electrical device should it become out of order or broken. You could be involved in scheduled maintenance programmes to prevent trouble arising, or called in to make emergency repairs. When the company buys new equipment, you will be helping install and commission it from day one.

bus admin Emp 4B Smug-office-worker-001 ComputerScience

All companies are only as good as the support that they receive from the office. Our business & administration apprentices could be dealing with customer enquiries,

preparing powerpoints, organising exhibitions, arranging deliveries, keeping the website & facebook page up to date - anything that is needed to keep things running smoothly.

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