First Aid with SIGTA

We are dedicated to delivering quality First Aid Courses with our fully qualified tutors. Our courses provide both practical and theory to deal with emergency situations.

SIGTA First Aid courses are informative, engaging and fun!

If you have identified that first-aiders are needed in your workplace, you must ensure that those identified to be first aiders undertake training appropriate to the need – click the link for info.

Jordan Nichol of APG

Congratulations to Jordan from the team at SIGTA. Jordan Nichol just completed his NVQ Level 3 in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering at APG Cash Drawer in Newhaven. Jordan is pictured here with his SIGTA training officer Darryl Kingshott.

As well as apprenticeships, SIGTA offer stand alone NVQs for experienced people. Follow the link for information.

Student finance: How much does university cost and does it increase earnings?

Reading this article, apprenticeships make more and more sense.

The combined cost of tuition fees and accommodation for an undergraduate UK student is now estimated at £49,887 (data from the National Union of Students and the Unipol housing charity). Students also need to budget for other big expenses which are not included – food, transport, course materials and going out.

If you live in England and are starting university in September 2023, you will pay back 9% of your earnings over £25,000 from the April after you graduate. This is lower than the current threshold of £27,295.You will also have to pay the loan back for longer. Any outstanding debt will be written off after 40 years, instead of 30 – that’s your whole working life.

Focus SB video feature page

Here is another video feature page on our website, this time for Focus SB who are recruiting a CAD Technician Apprentice.

I shot the video onsite last week, edited it and produced the soundtrack. The video, use of the National Apprenticeships Website, Indeed and social media help us to attract the very best applicants.

Here is the feature page for Focus SB – click on the CAD button for video:

Zenitel feature page

We prepare a video feature page on our website for each Company recruiting an apprentice.

Zenitel of Lewes are recruiting another CAD Technician Apprentice through SIGTA and this page was authored today.

The video was shot onsite this week, the soundtrack composed yesterday and all put together this morning.

Recruitment is challenging in all areas at the moment so we do everything we can to attract the very best applicants. Here is the video page: