Promoting Apprenticeships

We thought you might like to know how we promote apprenticeship programmes. Here are some of the things we do to get the message out there.

National Apprenticeships Website: All vacancies are placed on the high-profile national government website.

SIGTA website: All current vacancies are listed on the Apprenticeships page with links to the government vacancy listings. Our website has been vastly updated and improved and on the apprenticeships page we are featuring current apprentices who can tell their story. We are also featuring former apprentices success stories discussing their career progression.

Video: We create a unique page on our website promoting your vacancies (and your company) and produce a short video which can be used on social media as well as on your webpage. You get a music track too from our resident producer who has created music for BT, Daihatsu and others.

Indeed: All vacancies are listed on Indeed.

Facebook: All new vacancies are promoted through Facebook on our own page. Where other pages are available (ie Seahaven job search, covering Seaford, Newhaven and Peacehaven) we post links to our current vacancies here too.

Instagram, Twitter & Linkedin: Vacancies and success stories posted on social media platforms.

Schools: Sigta attend careers days and evening events (including online events) in schools to promote our range of apprenticeships. We always include interactive exhibits to generate interest in the world class innovation that happens locally. Currently, we have a sample of Vanta Black – a material developed in Sussex that absorbs all light and is the darkest substance on earth!

Ilona on the SIGTA stand at Uckfield Community College

We email schools each month linking to our current vacancies and ask schools to link to our website from their own – both pages for students and parents. By regular mailouts we are building up a good relationship with schools in the area. Here is a typical schools mailout;

SIGTA careers events
Schools monthly newsletter

On the ‘schools’ page of our website we have posters that can be downloaded to print and information sheets together with links to our current vacancies. We also remind the schools in our email that we are keen to attend any future careers events. We encourage school teachers to show our apprenticeships promotional video to their students which is linked from our schools page.

We produce printed two sided flyers as handouts at careers events telling people about the apprenticeships that we offer.

Our representative will give a presentation in school (usually during a science lesson) on technical apprenticeships with local companies through Sigta.

Council / Private Sponsored Careers Fairs: We book stand space and attend careers fairs. These can be large events with over one hundred Training Providers in attendance. Schools in the area are invited to the events which are usually very well attended. They also attract people interested in apprenticeships who may be unemployed or currently working but seeking a career change. Remember apprenticeships are open to people of all ages.

 Advertising: We advertise in local newspapers, online and through publications such as The Friday Ad to promote apprenticeships.

Apprenticeship Promotional Cards: Credit card sized printed cards promoting apprenticeships which we leave with schools, youth organisations etc.

Promoting apprenticeships card

Networking: We work closely with Youth Organisations (for example the Youth Employment Service) to encourage them to contact us if they have suitable candidates.

Sussex Council of Training Providers (SCTP): At this time, all Training Providers are finding it difficult to source suitable applicants for apprenticeships, regardless of the discipline they are working in, be it Hairdressing, ICT or Engineering. As members of and working closely with SCTP, we can promote apprenticeships to industry on a local level as well as on a National level dealing directly with government ministers. We lobby government to promote apprenticeship programmes in schools rather than the purely academic route.

Sigta Sessions: We are investigating working with a group Sigta of apprentices who can help us deliver quality apprenticeships through regular meet ups and help to promote our vacancies. By reaching out to our apprentices we can listen to what they are looking for in their apprenticeship programmes and how we can get the message out there through social media to spread the word and promote our current vacancies.

And of course – you! If you can add your apprentice vacancy to your Company website (we will send you the link) as well as any social media that you use, you might just find the very candidate you are looking for.

Put all this together and we do our very best to secure the best new talent for you.

One of our handouts for careers events
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