Sigta Apprentice Jay Thomson

I knew university wasn’t right for me at 18 so I went straight into whatever work I could get. After almost 5 years, I needed a step up in order to support myself. This meant getting a more senior role or a complete change.

I ended up putting myself forward for a brand new challenge career-wise in the end. It wasn’t necessarily easy because, though I had the right sort of skills, I didn’t have prior experience in an office before. I was ecstatic to receive an offer with Littlehampton Town Council doing a business administration apprenticeship.

Within the 18 months, I learnt a whole wealth of knowledge about the council, administration and communications; most of it being transferable to other specific organisations should I choose to move on.

My training officer Elizabeth from SIGTA  really supported me through the apprenticeship. Having monthly meetings with her reviewing my work, setting targets and keeping me on track to successes was really helpful. I can proudly say I got my foot in the door as was able to prove I was capable in the first place, now it’s up to me to continue growing in a position I know I can thrive in for years to come. 

Jay Thomson

Corporate Clerical Assistant, Littlehampton Town Council

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