Off-the-Job Training Record

Off the Job Training (OJT) is a statutory part of your apprenticeship. The (OJT) record is an accurate account of the new training activities that you have completed during the training phase of your apprenticeship. It has been planned (see ILP/ITP) by your training officer. The record is simply the mandatory part capturing the training you are receiving that relates to your apprenticeship.

You should be recording weekly your training which should closely match your training plan.

You must record entries where you have learnt something new:
(Training activity that relates to the apprenticeship standard you are undertaking)

Using phrases such as:

  • Learnt how to…..
  • Attended college and learnt…….studying topics….
  • Was taught how to…
  • Given new instruction on how to…
  • Attended training on…
  • Attended a course about… and learnt…
  • Undertook training…
  • Attended a webinar and learnt…….

Remember to break down a skill learnt into specific parts. For example “Learning how to use a lathe” There are many learning aspects to a lathe which can be individually itemised in your OJT.

Writing about activities which are not new are not needed on the record as this is not training but would be ongoing development of your skills.
E.g. “Developing skills in soldering” = not a new training activity but on going development of an existing skill.

Documents required:

• SIGTA OJT Template (spreadsheet)

• LEARNER Example OJT (spreadsheet)

Off the Job Training Record spreadsheet example here

Off the Job Training Record spreadsheet resource here