Due to Covid restrictions we are not currently visiting schools but are happy to hold online presentations with any groups of students who are interested in our apprenticeships, or support online careers fairs, but usually…

We are happy to attend events at schools and colleges promoting technical and office support apprenticeships and will bring along an example of cutting edge science and technology.

Currently we have a sample of Vanta Black – the darkest material ever created and it was developed in Sussex!

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SIGTA work with companies offering apprenticeships – From Flight Simulator Technicians to Automotive Engineers, Micro-Electronics to Building Power Systems, Computer Controlled Manufacturing Machines to Technical Design (CAD). We offer ‘in business’ apprenticeships for office based roles. Our Training Officers help you gain qualifications and most apprenticeships include day release at college.  (50 words)

Why go to a careers event?

There are plenty of careers and job fairs out there, and there are even careers events designed just for school leavers to look at apprenticeships and university options. They’re out there for you to visit, but why should you go? 

Meeting companies and universities 

Yes, you can learn a lot from a company’s or university’s webpage, but you’ll learn a lot more from talking to those who already know what it’s like working or studying there. If you have any questions you can get them answered immediately and it’s a great way to make a first impression before you even apply. 

You could be speaking to recruiters which is great. Use the opportunity to learn more about what they’re looking for and application processes. 

Sometimes you might be speaking to a current student or apprentice, from whom you can find out about what it’s actually like. They’ve been in your shoes and might be able to give you some tips for applying. 

When else are you going to have access to so much free advice in one room? 

Extra activities 

Often there’s more than just companies and universities. You might be able to hear talks on wide range of topics, get advice from impartial advisers, take part in workshops for employability skills or to flex your skills, and more. Most of the time these will be free so make sure to make good use of them. When else are you going to have access to so much free advice in one room? 

Discovering all your options 

You might already have a specific career in mind. You might not have clue what you want to do. A school leaver careers event could help you no matter how prepared you are. 

It’s a chance to discover jobs, industries, universities, courses, skills, and career routes you may have never known existed. You might be surprised by the wide range of options you’ve found and maybe it will bring you down a completely unexpected path. And even if it only confirms you want already do, won’t it be great to go forward with your post-school steps knowing for sure it’s the right choice for you? 

Now what? 

Go to the school leaver fair! Book your ticket, see who will be there, plan your journey, dress up a little smarter than normal and take the first steps towards your post-school life. 

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