NVQs for your employees

This popular award recognises the abilities of individuals in your workforce. NVQs demonstrate an individual’s true skills and are completed in the workplace. Our training officers will help your personnel achieve this nationally recognised qualification.

For employers, NVQs can: Reduce staff turnover, help recruit people and motivate them. Increase productivity and help win contracts. Show customers you have a workforce competent to industry standards. Help reduce accidents as NVQs also cover health and safety.

For individuals, NVQs can: Provide evidence that you can do a particular job. Help with promotion. Help you gain a qualification without going to college or sitting exams. Be completed at a pace to suit you – there is no pass or fail.

We can deliver the following NVQs in your workplace with full support through regular visits from our training officers and certificated through an awarding body.

The clickable links below will take you to the NVQ specification sheet – where it refers to guided learning hours this relates to employees who are to be trained. If your employees are competent but unqualified, the guided learning hours will reduce significantly.

NVQ Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering – Manual Machining, CNC, Assembly and others, level 2 (Code 500.9851.2QS)

NVQ Diploma in Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering – Manual Machining, CNC, Assembly and others, level 3 (Code 500.9852.4 QS Issue 1.2)

NVQ Diploma in Performing Manufacturing Operations Level 2 (501/0928/5)

NVQ Diploma in Performing Engineering Operations Level 2 (Code 600-8264-1 Qual Spec)

NVQ Diploma in Installation and Commissioning level 3 (Code SPEC_501 0733 1)

NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance level 3 (Code 501.0544.9-QS)

NVQ Diploma in Engineering Technical Support level 3 (Code 600 9793 0)

NVQ Diploma in Electrical and Electronic Engineering level 3 (Code SPEC_EEE 600 9590 8)

NVQ Diploma in Fabrication and Welding level 2 and 3 (Code 501/0928/5)

NVQ Diploma Engineering Toolmaking Level 3 (Code 600-1029- QUAL SPEC)

NVQ Diploma in Engineering Maintenance and Installation level 2 (Code 501-0147-X QS Issue 3)


NVQ Level 2: £1,145 plus VAT*

NVQ Level 3: £1,695 plus VAT*

NVQ Level 4: £1,745 plus VAT*

Additonal charges: travel costs and registration with the awarding body.

*NVQs are usually delivered within one year but should the programme overun, charges will be pro rata for the extended period.

For further information please get in touch through our contact page.

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