Where are they now?

We love to know where former Sigta apprentices are working now. Wherever you are in the world of work or the world in general, tell us about your journey.

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Completing a SIGTA apprenticeship genuinely changed my life for the better in ways I could only dream of at the time.

I’m confident that having the qualification on my CV has aided me in securing some amazing opportunities around the globe. 

Ross Came, Regional Sales Manager, Wright Flow Technologies


‘Gaining my apprenticeship through SIGTA has been essential in getting to where I am now, the experience gained has allowed me to take a path which would normally take a lot longer to achieve’.

Nick Humphries, Mechanical Development Engineer, Linkam.


‘It’s a great opportunity to employ young people who are starting their careers, an apprenticeship program will ensure you have staff in key positions that understand your business from the bottom up, it makes a real difference’!

Sean Winter, Operations Manager, Hanover Displays


‘Today, I run a LED lighting company with business partners, and we focus on making savings for the NHS. I have no doubt that I would be doing what I am today if I had not started as an apprentice’.

Dr Howard Stone, Director, Ecolite & DAL


‘In this position I get to work with high end customers such as Rolls Royce and Siemens and have also been able to travel to our manufacturing plant in Germany and visited customers in Scotland’.

Ed Kerr, Tyrolit


‘Overall apprenticeships can give you a really good grounding to allow to you to put into practice what you are learning and then give you the opportunities to take your skills further and progress’.

Matt Stace, Pyroban


‘My career has gone full circle, I feel very lucky doing what I currently do, which is giving back what I was once given; training and development needed for a career in engineering’.

Darryl Kingshott, Training Officer, Sigta

If you were a Sigta Apprentice, send us your story. A short bio with personal history, key achievements, or an interesting fact – all is good with us!

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